Exhibition homepage:


Here is some links to other projects in the same course, done the same year (2010):

http://personalmetadatahalo.wordpress.com – A.P.E. Augmented People Enhancement

http://rateme2010.wordpress.com/ – Rate Me!

http://virtualpeephole.blogspot.com/ – The Visitor Snapshot Service

website coming soon – The Magic Compass

website coming soon – Fish Friend

https://sites.google.com/site/ratatosktalk/ – Ratatosk

website coming soon – Family Map

http://mylarm.wordpress.com/ – myLarm

website coming soon – Beat Bus

http://handscreen2010.wordpress.com/ – HandScreen

http://web.student.chalmers.se/~perrob/ – Motivational-shoes

Other links:

http://sypreme.se – Tim Brandin | A personal blog and gathering point