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Second day: Mockups

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Today we set off in two teams, first after discussing a long time about how to communicate between the cups in the hole group, but soon enough we settled with a simple solution that every device will share all knowledge they know about the network. And with that notion, we think each cup will fast enough find it’s other soul-mate in the network.

The two teams had different tasks. Team one had to make a prototype for the cups, and in some way try out how they would light up. This was done excellent by Michael, Josef and Sebastian (see pictures for examples of this).

Me and Naci, our task was to actually do the communication between the cups with the devices shown in the latest pictures. We came half way, getting a hold of how to broadcast with the devices and to do timer interrupts to send frequently out in the ether, and change timing of the timer if a collision took place.

After lunch some of us had to leave for other classes. And we ho stayed did some mockups of how the touch sensors would work, with some success we had it working with most of the sensors. But their where some not beautiful work done in the beginning so we had trouble getting all the sensors to sense touch at different times. There is also a picture of this mockup.

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First day of project work


Today we started of by separating each task of this project. We had just a couple of hours to work on this afternoon but still I think we came pretty far. Some of us started to hook up three Arduinos and testing them out, our idea with that was to get a hold of how the communication between them would work in this decentralized ad hoc network via WIFI. We ended up in our long discussions with the solution of having each device knowing all about everyone they can hear, and then spread their knowledge to everyone else who can hear them. In this fashion all of the devices know about everything in the network and can even communicate with devices actually being physically outside of their antennas range. Still all problems are not solved with this, we still need to test out an implementation of this as it is still just on the drawing board (see pictures).

The other part of our group started work on a cup-design and search for good solutions for a first mockup of our touch interface. The touch interface will be placed on the outside of the cups and will serve as our matching algorithm.

If you’re more interested in our project, please check our other posts or read more about it on the About page. Or why not start following this blog, we promise to keep it up to date until all in to the end.

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First post and report is all done

Report was done hours ago but little late with website!
Have never setup a WordPress site before, quite amazed on the speed of launch.

Here we go!

We’re planning to build a product that encourages people making new contacts in public spaces (i.e. a cafeteria).  This will be achieved with a couple of cups glowing in the same color when two or more persons hold these cups in an similar fashion. Think of it like the phenomena when two people converse and both starts holding the same posture to show their satisfaction of the bonding going on.

If we have the time, we’re planning to manufacture our own PCB’s and 3D printed plastic cups. Hopefully they will also glow in an awesome fashion with a couple of RGB LEDs.

Don’t miss following our project as its coming along and also visit us at the exhibition taking place at Chalmers / IT-University in Göteborg a month away.

Here’s an inspirational picture I just made, hope you like it because its LOTS OF COLORS!

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