(Old post that was never posted)

We’ve now begun soldering our circuits onto real circuit boards. Unfortunately the first two boards were not as good as we would like – the size is OK, but the cables connected to the sensors are very sensitive to interference, so we get a lot of disturbances in the measurements. On a second iteration the sensor cables are carefully isolated up to only a few millimeters of the receiving pin, and this board seems to work even better than expected!

The design of the cup has changed dramatically from the original idea. Since we failed to find a good material for making a glowing cup we’re going for a nicely decorated cups instead. A striped pattern indicated where the vertical sensors are placed.

We reduced the number of sensors from six to four because of the interference. However, this might have been unnecessary with the success of the latest circuit. The sensors seem to be able to distinguish touch from no touch, but also an idea of how large part of the sensor that is covered! Exactly how precise these measurements are is yet to be seen.